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Name:Justice League Forever
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Justice League Forever

A roleplaying community focusing on pre-New 52 DC Comics characters and stories. Please read all of the rules before applying. If you are interested in following along with the game, you are more than welcome to do so, but only character journals will be accepted as members.


  • Please be respectful of your fellow players. I cannot stress this enough. Any issues between players should be brought to the mod's attention to avoid drama within the game.

  • If you are going to be playing a character that heavily interacts with or is dependent on another character that is already in the game, please contact that player before applying so that you can agree on a shared backstory and relationship. Similarly, do not assume that your ship is set in stone, even if it is canon. The character who has been in play the longest has limited veto power over things that affect their storyline. Please respect that.

  • Generally, there are two forms of RP within this community. Tags are long form round-robin style posts where one or more players and characters interact, trading off in order to tell a story. Tags may be carried out through comment threads within an individual's journal, or they may be roleplayed in full via Skype or Docs (or whatever else you prefer) and then posted. All RPing of this nature should be posted to the community. Comment threads are more informal, consisting of a single post made by a character with the option for many other characters to respond. These are not meant to tell stories, but are a very good opportunity for characters to interact in an informal setting. These posts are not required to be posted to the community, but they can be if you so choose.

  • Keep your tags uniform. I don't care to police whether you RP in past tense or present tense, but please make sure that everyone is on the same page before you start so that the tags are readable. I am going to insist that no one use first person, however, as it is confusing and distracting.

  • Please follow everyone in the community so that you don't miss their posts. You are not required to interact with everyone, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the game if you interact with no one.

  • You may have more than one character. The upper limit for now is four, but we can review that in the future if you are active and consistent with all of your characters. You may be refused a particular character, however, depending on the character's popularity and how many other highly popular characters you already have, as we're trying to promote a large character base and also not scare people away.

  • Villains are permitted, but only if you are already playing at least one hero, and only if you are not playing your own nemesis. Civilians (like Lois Lane) are also permitted, but again, only if you're already playing a hero and only if they are not already connected to your character.

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